Altice Group 2013 revenues reach EUR3.22bn on pro forma basis

17 Mar 2014

Luxembourg-based telecoms powerhouse Altice Group has reported pro forma combined revenues of EUR3.221 billion (USD4.482 billion) for the twelve months ended 31 December 2013, up from EUR3.199 billion year-on-year. Altice notes that the pro forma figures include the pending acquisition of Orange Dominicana, but exclude new assets Tricom (Dominican Republic) and Mobius (Reunion). The Tricom acquisition was completed on 12 March 2014, while the Orange Dominicana deal is expected to be ‘completed soon’. Tricom generated revenue of EUR159 million in 2013, while Mobius posted sales of EUR19 million. EBITDA for 2013 was EUR1.359 billion, up from EUR1.282 billion a year earlier, while CAPEX for the twelve months under review was EUR692.5 million.

The lion’s share of 2013 sales were generated by recently consolidated French cableco Numericable, which earned EUR1.314 billion, followed by: HOT Telecommunications Systems of Israel (EUR881.9 million); Orange Dominicana (EUR446.3 million); French Overseas Territories (Outremer Telecom and Le Cable [EUR223.5 million]); Portugal (Cabovisao and ONI Telecom [EUR209.5 million]); and Belgium and Luxembourg (Numericable [EUR70.5 million]).

Dexter Goei, CEO of Altice, commented: ‘Today’s set of results, our first to be published since Altice became a public company in January, show how we have made strong financial, operational and strategic progress through 2013. Integration of the companies we acquired last year is going well, margins there are improving, and our focus on synergies and efficiencies drove strong EBITDA and [operating free cash flow] growth.’