New service provision framework improves users’ rights

14 Mar 2014

As from 12 March 2014 amendments to Croatia’s ‘Ordinance on the conditions and the provision of electronic communications networks and services’ came into force, regulator HAKOM announced in a press release. The amended rules are aimed at improving user rights and the transparency of service tariffs/terms, for instance updating operators’ obligations regarding notifications to the user on service consumption, the right of return of unconsumed volume (e.g. mobile data) when a pre-paid user changes operators, and changes to rules governing provision of services with special rates. Among other changes implemented, in cases where the user wishes to submit a complaint to an ISP alleging that the agreed minimum internet access speed is not being met, the procedure is now ‘simplified and accelerated’. Where a user wishes to change fixed network operators there is also now an accelerated procedure in place. If a new requested service is not implemented on schedule, levels of compensation are payable by the operator to the user, applicable per day of delay.

Croatia, Croatian Regulatory Agency for Network Operations (HAKOM)