Bulgaria's regulator CRC set to gain more power

12 Mar 2014

Bulgarian telecoms regulator the Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) is set to gain more power, as draft amendments to the Communications Act – which could force domestic network providers to abide by the watchdog’s rulings even if they intend to appeal them in court – are tabled for discussion in parliament on 13 March 2014. Local newspaper Novinite reports that the proposed amendments were prompted by a reminder from the European Commission (EC) that Bulgaria does not currently apply the existing European legislation in full.

Under the current regulatory regime, operators are not obliged to apply CRC rulings if they disagree with them, and can appeal them in court. If the new amendments come into force however, operators will have to apply the CRC regulations immediately; the watchdog’s decision will only be discontinued once a court has ruled in favour of an operator that has appealed a ruling.

Bulgaria, Communications Regulation Commission (CRC)