Ifetel ready to declare dominant telecoms operators

7 Mar 2014

Mexico’s new telecoms regulator the Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (Ifetel) is said to have reached a decision regarding which operators it considers dominant in both the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors. According to Bloomberg, the regulator was cited as saying that it has approved the imposition of measures aimed at enhancing competition which include the introduction of local loop unbundling (LLU) for the dominant telecoms operator. Other measures which are expected to be introduced include asymmetric regulation for mobile market leader Telcel, a subsidiary of Latin American colossus America Movil (AM), which would have to pay more to complete calls on its network than it charges for incoming calls. However, while it is widely expected that another AM unit, fixed line incumbent Telefonos de Mexico (Telmex), will also be named as the company with significant market power in its sector, the Ifetel has yet to formally identify any of the companies in question, with such an announcement not expected until after the regulator has formally notified the operators of its decision.