RATEL takes step towards FNP

5 Mar 2014

Serbian telecoms watchdog Republic Agency for Electronic Communications (RATEL) has signed a protocol on fixed number portability (FNP) ironing out difficulties with various reconciliation procedures and administrative issues that may arise from the porting process. State-backed incumbent Telekom Srbija, along with rival providers Telenor Serbia, Serbia Broadband Company (SBB) were also signatories, as were Invest Engineering, MDO Ltd, Knight Development Support, JET TV and Beogrid. Trials of the porting process were carried out between 3 February and 21 February between Telekom Srbija and Telenor, and SBB and Orion, with further testing to follow between other operators this month. RATEL expects to complete trials by the end of March.

According to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database, the implementation of FNP was delayed in December 2012 after Telekom Srbija announced that it had encountered ‘complex administrative and technical issues’. The watchdog restarted the process in early 2013, with a view to making the service available by end-March 2014.