Virgin Media boosts entry-level and top-end broadband speeds

3 Mar 2014

UK cableco Virgin Media has announced the introduction of a new top speed for its broadband customers, while also increasing the downlink rate of its entry-level service. In terms of the new top-end service, Virgin Media customers will now have access to speeds of up to 152Mbps, which it claims represents the ‘fastest widely available connection’ in the UK. Further, Virgin Media has confirmed that its entry-level service will now provide download speeds of 50Mbps, up from the previous rate of 30Mbps. Existing customers will be moved onto the higher speeds over the course of the next twelve months, with the cableco noting that those on 30Mbps packages would be able to move up to the 50Mbps, while existing 60Mbps and 100Mbps customers can move up to speeds of 100Mbps and 152Mbps, respectively.

Commenting on the development, Tom Mockridge, Virgin Media’s chief executive officer, said: ‘Overwhelmingly people tell us the internet is a force for good. From daily life to the bigger aspects of society, culture and economic growth, digital is making a significant, positive difference to people’s lives. We’re supercharging our incredible network to ensure that Virgin Media customers can make the most of the online world.’

United Kingdom, Virgin Media