i-Cable turnover falls 9%

3 Mar 2014

Consolidated turnover at Hong Kong cable network operator i-Cable decreased by 9% to HKD1.932 billion (USD249 million) in the year to the end of December 2013. Operating costs before depreciation fell by 17% to HKD1.782 billion, and EBITDA swung to HKD149 million, compared to an EBITDA loss of HKD22 million in 2012. Net loss was HKD93 million (2012: HKD278 million). Broadband internet customers decreased by 5,000 to 196,000, and telephony customers dropped by 11,000 to 115,000 in 2013, while internet/telephony turnover increased by HKD10 million to HKD348 million. TV customers decreased by 29,000 to 1.060 million and cable TV turnover fell 12% to HKD1.546 billion.

Hong Kong, i-Cable (formerly HKCT)