Vodafone-Wind Hellas network joint venture established

27 Feb 2014

Vodafone Greece and domestic rival Wind Hellas have established a 50/50 joint venture (JV) company named Victus Networks in order to share 2G/3G mobile access network infrastructure as per an agreement they struck in June 2013, with the JV scheduled to officially begin operations on 10 March 2014. As reported by Greek newspaper Kathimerini, the pair stressed that the scope of network sharing via Victus Networks will be partial, and concentrated mainly in regions of Greece outside the largest urban areas, while executives of both companies estimated that up to 70% of their provincial 2G/3G networks could be shared under the JV, plus 40% of nationwide areas classed as urban.

TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database says that in June 2013 Vodafone and Wind struck a 15-year 2G and 3G mobile access network sharing and rollout agreement to save costs. The arrangement involved the establishment of a jointly owned company to design, develop and manage shared 2G and 3G radio access infrastructure covering rural and remote areas of Greece, plus some selected major urban locations, while it does not give Wind access to any of Vodafone’s 4G LTE infrastructure – and Vodafone clarified this week that the JV also excludes the UK-backed cellco’s 3G UMTS-900 infrastructure. Victus Networks will employ over 250 engineering staff from Vodafone and Wind (estimated at up to 300 in the latest announcement), and will invest EUR150 million (USD206 million) over two years in construction (EUR55 million) and in telecoms equipment (EUR95 million).

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