PTA publishes outline for spectrum sale

27 Feb 2014

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has issued its Information Memorandum (IM) for its planned sale of spectrum in the 2100MHz, 1800MHz and 850MHz bands, which it dubs the ‘Next Generation Mobile Services Award’ (NGMSA). The watchdog is auctioning 2×30MHz in the 2100MHz range, 2×20MHz in the 1800MHz band and 2×7.38MHz in the 850MHz range. Reserve prices for each 2×10MHz block were set at USD295 million for the 2100MHz band, USD210 million for the 1800MHz frequencies and USD291 million for the 850MHz range. Participants are required to submit offers for a minimum of 2×10MHz in the 2100MHz range, but may bid for more in multiples of 2×5MHz. Only successful bidders of 2100MHz spectrum will be qualified to obtain 1800MHz frequencies.

In terms of the timetable for the sale, the consultation process for the IM will last until 10 March, and on 17 March the PTA will publish any changes to the NGSMA rules. Prospective bidders will have until 25 March to submit their application along with their pre bid deposits and sealed-bid offer, with pre-qualified bidders being announced on 28 March. A mock auction will be held on 3 April, followed by the auction proper on 7 April.

The IM also sketches out new rules to smooth the way for the newcomers to enter the market, including requiring existing operators to provide national roaming on their networks, and more lenient rollout obligations.