Telstra trialling Ericsson’s Radio Dot System

25 Feb 2014

Australia’s Telstra will extend its LTE and 3G partnership with Swedish vendor Ericsson to include a trial of the Ericsson Radio Dot System, the latter has announced. A new small cell architecture designed to deliver low latency and high speeds in buildings and venues, Ericsson claims that the Radio Dot System is simple to install and is fully integrated with the outdoor network. It introduces a revolutionary ultra-compact antenna element, or ‘Dot’, which connects to standard LAN cabling and delivers mobile broadband access to users.

Mike Wright, Telstra’s Executive Director Networks, said of the potential benefits of the technology: ‘Telstra has established a high performance LTE network with Ericsson that our customers really value. However we still find certain locations where indoor service requires improvement either in terms of the level of signal coverage or the capacity to service a large number of users in a confined space. These areas can occur in public venues, like shopping centres, car parks, entertainment venues or office buildings. Through the trial of the Ericsson Radio Dot System, we are looking to see how it can effectively and economically enhance that experience for our customers and to provide operational feedback to Ericsson on the design.’

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