Proposals for 3G/4G spectrum sale leaked early

21 Feb 2014

Elements of proposed plans for Pakistan’s 3G and 4G spectrum auctions have been accidently revealed early, after publicity photos of a meeting between the 3G advisory committee, IT and telecom minister Anusha Rehman and the finance minister Ishaq Dar showed slides with the details, Pro Pakistani reports. The proposals called for the sale of 30MHz in the 2100MHz band and 20MHz in the 1800MHz range in blocks of 10MHz, with reserve prices of USD295 million and USD210 million respectively. Recommendations for payment plans called for a minimum payment of 50% upfront, followed by staged payments with interest charges for the remainder. The concessions would be valid for 15 years with a potential extension to 20 years, although it was noted that the matter of extending licences would be considered during the official consultation process for the Information Memorandum (IM) – the policy document outlining the terms for the sale – for the auction, when it is published. The proposals suggested two phases for the bidding, the first using sealed bids to determine demand at base price followed by a simultaneous multiple round auction. The proposed terms for the IM are awaiting government approval, ahead of the document’s expected publication in early March.