BendBroadband pushed to breaking point as spectrum sale looms

21 Feb 2014

Oregon-based cableco BendBroadband is in the process of selling its 700MHz and 1700MHz/2100MHz AWS licences to AT&T Mobility, Fierce Wireless reports. As such, the cable firm is set to discontinue its fixed-wireless Long Term Evolution (LTE) service – which went live in May 2012 – no later than 25 July 2014. Fierce Wireless sister publication Fierce Cable quotes Britt Wehrman, vice president of marketing at BendBroadband, as saying: ‘We purchased wireless spectrum about five years ago in order to provide broadband service to areas of Central Oregon that had few, if any, options. At that time, other cable operators planned to enter the wireless business along with us. However, those plans never materialised. As a small provider of a unique wireless service, BendBroadband is not able [to] operate the network as anticipated’. The cableco is believed to have around 2,000 LTE customers located outside its cable footprint.

United States, AT&T Communications, BendBroadband