First all-IP network in EU claimed by A1 Telekom Austria

20 Feb 2014

A1 Telekom Austria has claimed to be the first operator in the European Union (EU) to have migrated its entire fixed line voice service to a voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) platform. According to Total Telecom, the four-year project saw the telco integrate 1,480 switching centres and 2.3 million wireline customers with its all-IP network. The migration was carried out gradually, from west to east, at a rate of 50 switching centres per week. To facilitate the migration, Telekom deployed Huawei’s multi service access node (MSAN) and an advanced IP soft-switch (AIPS) provided by Kapsch CarrierCom on its IP network. CTO Gunther Ottendorfer commented: ‘The integration of fixed net telephony into our all-IP data network was one of the most comprehensive and complex projects in the history of our company.’

Austria, A1 Telekom Austria