Vodafone UK announces LTE subscriber milestone

18 Feb 2014

Just six months after inaugurating its commercial LTE network, British cellco Vodafone UK has announced that sign-ups for its 4G services have surpassed half a million. With the operator noting that its 4G customers are using on average twice as much data as those connecting via 3G, Vodafone UK also highlighted the fact that such subscribers are also on average doing twice as much music and video streaming, video calling, online shopping and online banking. Indeed, the mobile operator said that in December 2013 alone its 4G customers used a combined 300TB of data.

As noted in TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database, in early August 2013 Vodafone UK confirmed its 4G launch plans, revealing it would inaugurate its LTE network on the same day as rival O2 UK, 29 August. Having stuck to this timetable, in October 2013 it subsequently announced that, following an expansion of its 4G network across the greater London area, its infrastructure at that date covered more than 80 towns and districts ‘from Harlow in the north to Dorking in the south and from Dartford in the east to Windsor in the west’. With this development coming just a few weeks after it had switched on its LTE network in the cities of Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham and Sheffield, the operator has set out its stall to achieve 98% population coverage by 2015. October 2013 also saw Vodafone announce that it had signed up 100,000 subscribers to its ‘Red 4G’ plans.

United Kingdom, Vodafone UK