Huawei and China Telecom completed eOTDR tests

13 Feb 2014

Chinese vendor Huawei has announced that it has successfully completed what it claims are the world’s first commercial use tests of embedded optical time-domain reflectometer (eOTDR) on the Xinjiang branch of China Telecom’s fibre (FTTx) network. OTDR uses scattered and reflected light to measure transmission quality along optical fibres and is primarily used for troubleshooting and testing. Huawei’s eOTDR is embedded in an optical line terminal (OLT) and can effectively identify physical connections and fibre attenuation. eOTDR modules can be easily deployed on an FTTx network to assist troubleshooting without the need for serious network reconstruction and does not interrupt services during the troubleshooting process. The modules provide an effective and cost-efficient alternative to locating faults by analysing fibres on a span by span basis and, according to the vendor, can reduce the workload of engineers in the field by 40%.