Sprint reports USD1.86bn loss for 2013

12 Feb 2014

US mobile giant Sprint Corporation (formerly Sprint Nextel) has reported consolidated revenue of USD16.891 billion for the twelve months ended 31 December 2013, less than half of the USD35.345 billion generated in 2012. Sprint’s EBITDA slipped from USD4.723 billion in 2012 to USD1.964 billion in 2013, while the company reported a net loss of USD1.860 billion, compared to a deficit of USD4.325 billion in the year-ago period.

In operational terms, Sprint reported that its total subscriber base reached 53.934 million as at 31 December, up from 53.540 million one year earlier. This figure is broken down as follows: 30.149 million post-paid subscribers, 15.621 million pre-paid users and 8.164 million wholesale customers. In addition, Sprint reported a total of 4.500 million ‘connected devices’, of which the bulk (3.578 million) were wholesale users, with the remainder said to be post-paid retail users.

Sprint sold 5.6 million smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2013 and 20.5 million smartphones on an annual basis, noting that its smartphone sales mix reached 95% for post-paid users and 66% for pre-paid customers in 4Q13.

In addition, Sprint currently has almost 33,000 ‘Network Vision’ sites on air, an increase of more than 24,000 sites over the preceding twelve months. Further, the company noted that LTE coverage is now available to more than 200 million people nationwide, with that figure expected to increase to 250 million by mid-2014.

United States, Sprint Corporation