NetOne questioned by parliament after poor performance in 2013

12 Feb 2014

The Zimbabwean government has reportedly questioned Reward Kangai, managing director of state-owned mobile operator NetOne, regarding the company’s stunted growth, after telecoms watchdog POTRAZ released its latest report on the telecoms market, which revealed that NetOne is lagging behind rivals Econet Wireless and Telecel in terms of subscriber numbers, IT Web Africa reports. According to the article, NetOne has reportedly blamed public procurement requirements for its lack of competitiveness in the country. The executive was cited as saying: ‘We are now required to publish key strategic plans to the State Procurement Board (SPB) when our competitors have free rein and have access to that information. They know that NetOne is trying to do this and they can take these documents from SPB before we even implement [strategies]’. However, Zimbabwe’s former technology minister Nelson Chamisa reportedly claimed that NetOne is facing deep rooted viability problems, with the company requiring an urgent ‘capital injection’ and further ‘investment into the business’. He also said that there were corporate governance issues that needed to be addressed.