Israeli tenders committee recommends allowing construction of three 4G networks

4 Feb 2014

Avi Berger, the director general of Israel’s Ministry of Communications (MoC) and chairman of the tenders committee for allocating 4G frequencies, has reportedly advised communications minister Gilad Erdan to allow for the establishment of three 4G networks in the country. According to Globes Online, with Mr Erdan having met with officials from the MoC and the Ministry of Finance (MoF) last weekend, two possible setups for Long Term Evolution (LTE) rollouts were put forward, one recommending that a trio of networks be allowed, while the other suggested giving permission for just two. With it also claimed that the former of those plans would allow unlimited co-operation between operators in sharing base stations, it is now understood to be up to the communications minister to make a decision on the matter. Once it has been made clear whether two or three 4G networks will be permitted, the frequencies committee will be able to restart discussions on how to allocate LTE-suitable spectrum and to whom.

Israel, Ministry of Communications