Arcep adopts decision to help facilitate FTTH network rollouts

29 Jan 2014

French telecoms watchdog Arcep has backed a recommendation aimed at strengthening fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network sharing, it has announced. The plans involve a reduction in the number of ‘very high density areas’ and also define appropriate solutions for small buildings (containing fewer than twelve residential or business premises) located within these areas. With Decision No. 2013-1475, the regulator has decreased the number of very high density areas from 148 municipalities (representing around six million households) to 106 municipalities (or around five and a half million households); these properties are said to represent fewer than 17% of all French households. The amendment ‘will help facilitate rollouts in the areas concerned, and to provide residential and business customers with a wider selection of services to choose from’. Arcep adds that affected authorities and operators can sign agreements locally for the programming and monitoring of FTTH rollouts, based on the model drafted as part of France’s super-fast broadband plan. This in turn will allow them to secure investment and provide all public and private sector players with a clear view on upcoming deployments.

France, Arcep