NICT, Hitachi achieve long-range broadband communications in TV white space

24 Jan 2014

Japan’s National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) and Hitachi Kokusai Electric have achieved their first successful trial of long-range broadband communications in the TV white space (470MHz-710MHz in Japan) using IEEE 802.22-based and IEEE 802.11af-based systems. According to a joint press release, NICT and Hitachi Kokusai achieved successful downstream and upstream data transmission at 12.7km distance between IEEE 802.22-based base station and customer premises equipment, at a speed of 5.2Mbps and 4.5Mbps, respectively. Further, NICT and Hitachi successfully constructed a Multihop network, utilising IEEE 802.22 as a backbone link, while IEEE 802.11af is used for expansion of service area. In the experiment, wireless LAN, based on conventional IEEE 802.11b/g/n in 2.4GHz band, is attached to IEEE 802.11af station through which conventional off-the-shelf devices are connected to the Internet. Using the devices, NICT and Hitachi have demonstrated the availability of web access and conversations with video telephone. Moreover, the two companies have developed an original function based on IEEE 802.22 to operate in multiple discontinuous channels, and have achieved throughput of 15.5Mbps in downstream and 9.0Mbps in upstream over 6.3km distance.

Japan, Hitachi