NBN announces new fixed-wireless rollouts connecting around 12,000 premises

24 Jan 2014

Australia’s NBN Co has announced that new rollouts are in progress to expand fixed-wireless broadband access over the National Broadband Network (NBN) to a total of 11,790 additional homes and business premises across various areas around the country. The new premises to be connected include:

2,800 in Riverina Region;

120 in Far North Queensland;

630 in Avon Valley Region;

1,100 in Mid-North Coast New South Wales (NSW);

1,800 in Wimmera Victoria;

200 in Coorong Region;

1,450 in the Hume & Upper Murray Region;

550 across Tasmania;

2,050 in Western Victoria;

300 in South Gippsland; and

790 in Central NSW.

Prior to these announcements, NBN Co said that around 2,000 additional homes and businesses in Seaford have been connected to the NBN, taking the total premises connected in the South Australia region to 4,400, according to the NBN Co website.

Australia, NBN Co