InTouch annual budget of USD1.5bn covers AIS fibre project alongside mobile

24 Jan 2014

The parent of Thai mobile market leader AIS, InTouch (formerly Shin Corp), has revealed plans to invest THB50 billion (USD1.52 billion) this year, 80% (around THB40 billion) of which will be used by AIS in its ongoing expansion of 2100MHz 3G mobile services, while a portion of the remainder will be invested in launching a new fixed broadband service, Thai newspaper The Nation reports. The new fixed broadband service will be operated by AIS, capitalising on its ‘80,000km nationwide fibre-optic transmission network’, currently under the banner ‘Advanced Fixed Network’, with the aim of offering high speed fibre broadband to ‘offices, condominiums and houses’, and an initial spending of THB1 billion (or around 2% of InTouch’s annual budget) estimated for the first-phase fibre last-mile rollout. Other projects announced by InTouch include spending about THB100 million this year on a digital content platform for digital TV and mobile network operators.

AIS’ investment plan for the three-year period 2013-2015 states that it will invest THB70 billion for the nationwide rollout of its 2100MHz network, of which around THB19 billion was spent in the first nine months of 2013.