Allstream connects 3,000 buildings to IP fibre network

23 Jan 2014

Canadian enterprise telecoms provider Allstream, part of MTS Allstream, has announced that it has connected more than 3,000 buildings to its 30,000km-plus nationwide fibre-optic IP network. The milestone represents a 50% increase in on-net IP fibre-fed buildings compared to three years ago. In 2010 Allstream initiated a targeted multi-year investment programme to increase its profitability by expanding the IP fibre network to nearby multi-tenant buildings that could be connected at a low cost. Allstream has now exceeded its plans, with fibre-fed buildings reaching over 3,000, up from 2,000 buildings connected in 2010. ‘In 2014, we will continue to make strategic investments to expand Allstream’s network reach while we sign up more customers in our existing buildings,’ a press release from the operator read. Allstream’s fibre-optic network offers IP connectivity, digital switching, Ethernet-based services and advanced internet security technologies and services, including right-of-way access in major Canadian city centres and nine cross-border connections to the United States.

Canada, Bell MTS (formerly MTS)