Taifo’s fibre infrastructure now covers 23% of Taipei

13 Jan 2014

Taiwan Intelligent Fiber Optic Network Consortium (Taifo), the joint venture established in 2012 to construct a fibre-optic network in Taipei City, is said to have rolled out its infrastructure to 23% of the city’s population as at end-2013. According to the Digitimes, the fibre network footprint is now expected to be extended to 60% of the city’s inhabitants by the end of 2014, before rising to 80% by September 2015 and eventually 95%, though no target date has been outlined for the latter figure. With there being around one million households in Taipei City, Taifo has said it aims to eventually have 30% of these as subscribers, though it has not provided any information regarding its current uptake.

Taiwan, Taiwan Intelligent Fiber Optic Network Consortium (Taifo)