Somali govt condemns Al Shabaab internet ban

13 Jan 2014

Somalia’s Minister of Interior and National Security, Abdikarim Hussein Guled, has condemned an attempt by militant group Al Shabaab to ban internet services in the areas of the country it controls, CNN reports. Al Shabaab rebels last week gave internet providers 15 days to comply with the ban or face attacks, but the government has called on telecoms operators to resist any coercion. ‘The Somali government strongly condemns such acts which show continued brutality and terrorist tactics of intimidation by trying to ban Somalis from using the internet,’ a statement from the Minister said, adding: ‘Somalis, like people everywhere, use the internet for education and reaching out to the global community to get world news. We will not allow our citizens to be deprived of internet access and smartphones.’ The statement added that the government will work with telecoms companies to ensure that they are free to provide internet and other communications services to customers.