Small players to access submarine cables following court decision

9 Jan 2014

The Dominican Republic’s High Administrative Court has ratified a decision by telecoms watchdog Instituto Dominicano de las Telecomunicaciones (Indotel), after large telecom service providers challenged Indotel’s resolution to allow smaller competitors to interconnect with submarine cables and high capacity fibre-optic networks. According to an Indotel press release, the ruling will ultimately ‘contribute to reducing the costs of telephone and internet services, so that service users gradually receive lower rates’. The High Court justified its decision by stating that the legislation seeks ‘to ensure the existence of a sustainable, fair and effective competition for telecommunications services’. Following the ruling, large telecom service providers are required to allow competitors access to such facilities, with the court inviting companies that own fibre-optic links or submarine cables to offer ’reasonable terms for small providers’.

Dominican Republic, Dominican Telecommunications Institute (Indotel)