Rostelecom to invest USD10m into GNC-ALFA in 2014

24 Dec 2013

ARKA News Agency reports that Russian telecoms group Rostelecom plans to invest USD10 million into its Armenian subsidiary GNC-ALFA in 2014, although the figure is lower than the USD15 million, that it is spending in the unit in the current financial year. According to GNC-ALFA CEO, Hayk Faramazyan, the investments will be used to improve the quality of customer service via the implementation of new technology in the network, the development of its human resources and ongoing network expansion. In particular, the altnet is looking to expand its network in the capital Yerevan and extend its services to new regions across the country. It also plans to launch some new products and services, it said. Rostelecom now has 10,000 subscribers in Armenia, Faramazyan added. GNC-ALFA operates modern fibre optical lines with a total length of over 2,500km and covering 80% of Armenia.

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