Verizon, T-Mobile US lodge AWS, PCS spectrum swap proposal with FCC

19 Dec 2013

Verizon Wireless has agreed to swap AWS and PCS spectrum with T-Mobile US, according to a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) document viewed by Fierce Wireless. The regulator’s filing says that Verizon and T-Mobile seek to exchange 10MHz-20MHz of AWS-1 spectrum in 285 counties across 59 Cellular Market Areas (CMAs). As part of the AWS swaps, Verizon would assign 10MHz of AWS spectrum to T-Mobile in 16 counties across four CMAs, and after the deal T-Mobile would hold 30MHz-40MHz of AWS-1 spectrum. Additionally, T-Mobile would assign 10MHz-20MHz of AWS spectrum to Verizon in 26 counties across nine CMAs; after the deal Verizon would hold 20MHz-40MHz of AWS-1 spectrum.

In terms of PCS spectrum, the companies would exchange 5MHz to 20MHz of PCS spectrum in 153 counties across 47 CMAs. In addition, in eleven counties across three CMAs in Texas, Verizon would assign 20MHz of PCS spectrum to T-Mobile, and receive 10MHz of PCS spectrum in return. Finally, Verizon would assign 5MHz-10MHz of PCS spectrum to T-Mobile in an additional 34 counties across 13 CMAs.

Petitions to deny the swap are due by 6 January, oppositions are due by 16 January and reply comments must be submitted by 24 January.