TIM Brasil selects Xtera for 100G optical network deployment in north east Brazil

19 Dec 2013

Brazilian fixed and mobile operator TIM Participacoes (TIM Brasil) this week announced the selection of optical networking and WAN optimisation solutions provider Xtera Communications, for the rollout of 100G optical networking equipment on its long-haul transmission infrastructure in north east Brazil. The infrastructure in question links Salvador and Fortaleza, the capital cities of the Bahia and Ceara states, respectively, using terrestrial Dispersion-Shifted Fibre (DSF) spanning more than 1,000km. The press release also notes that Fortaleza is the landing point for several high-capacity submarine cables connecting Brazil with North America and Europe. The deployment of 100G in the network has enabled the Brazilian carrier to realise a ten-fold increase in capacity on the route, prompting its director of fixed and transport networking, Cicero Olivieri, to say: ‘The investments in innovation which enabled us to be the first operator to achieve 4Tbps of capacity, with minimum regeneration in such a challenging link, reinforce TIM’s commitment to improve and expand its networks throughout Brazil. The TIM Brasil official went on to note that the upgrade will benefit not only TIM customers, but also its international partners, which, with the approach of the FIFA football World Cup and Olympics in Brazil, require reliable and robust terrestrial connections for their traffic passing through the submarine cables in Fortaleza.

Describing 100G, Xtera notes that not only does it possess coherent detection and soft-decision forward error correction, but the vendor’s Nu-Wave OptimaTM solution features ‘advanced Raman distributed optical amplification which minimises the amount of nonlinearities and maximises the capacity carried by the DSF fibre’. As such, Nu-Wave OptimaTM provides a unified modular optical transport system designed to lower the total cost of ownership by using a common, integrated set of modules for long-haul, unrepeatered and regional repeatered submarine applications. Further, the platform supports Xtera’s XWDM solution for high-capacity, long-haul optical networking in real network conditions, delivering line capacities of 15Tbps on terrestrial networks of more than 4,500km, and 64Tbps >1,500km, with no intermediate regeneration. For unrepeatered applications, a capacity of 15Tbps has been transmitted on more than 370km.

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