Numericable ordered to pay EUR6m to Free

17 Dec 2013

A Paris Commercial Court has ordered domestic cable operator Numericable to pay EUR6 million (USD8.26 million) to its rival Iliad (Free), for a ‘mobile revolution’ advertising campaign launched in April 2011, BFMTV reports. According to the article, Numericable launched an anonymous campaign under the slogan ‘The mobile revolution begins on May 11’ on a website with concealed ownership. Consequently, Free filed a complaint with the Commercial court for EUR10 million in damages against its rival for ‘not meeting the legal requirements for the identification of the owner of a website’. Further, Free stated that the company used the word revolution for the launch of its FreeBox service in late 2010, and the new ‘misleading’ campaign had ultimately resulted in confusion and a loss of subscribers.