Airtel gold-plating 1,000 towers to enhance coverage

17 Dec 2013

Airtel Zambia has reportedly begun a project under which it will gold-plate more than 1,000 base stations with a view to enhancing network coverage. Airtel Zambia managing director Charity Lumpa was cited by the Zambia Daily Mail as sating of the development: ‘Since July, we embarked on gold-plating exercise to ensure the network is excellent for both voice and data. We have already increased to high internet speeds in Lusaka and we are now going to the Copperbelt.’ In total, 1,090 towers will benefit from the gold-plating exercise, and 522 of those are understood to be 3G-enabled. Meanwhile, the executive also confirmed that Airtel is boosting its network footprint with the rollout of additional cell sites; some 29 areas in the Lusaka and a further 25 on the Copperbelt have been identified as locations for new equipment to be deployed in 2014.

Zambia, Airtel Zambia