Bouygues will compensate subscribers after network outage

13 Dec 2013

French mobile operator Bouygues Telecom has pledged to compensate its subscribers, after experiencing a national mobile network outage on 11 December 2013, local news agency Les Figaro reports. According to the article, the company denied claims that the network failure was caused by the deployment of Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology, and instead revealed that the malfunction was reportedly due to ‘a power outage that affected equipment in the Ile-de-France’ region. The network operator however stated that it will provide unlimited internet to its subscribers throughout the weekend, in order to compensate them for the network failure.

According to TeleGeography’s CommsUpdate, in November 2013 all mobile operators in France were criticised by France’s consumer watchdog UFC Que Choisir for perceived failings in the ‘rate of non-quality’ of mobile internet, including session fail, successful download and fluidity of the services. The regulator analysed the performance of the 3G networks by taking 3,040 measures in Ile-de-France, Toulouse, Grenoble and Lille. For its part, Bouygues was denounced for having skipped the deployment of 3.5G/HSPA+ technology in favour of LTE services. UFC Que Choisir has expressed concern that the four operators have intentionally degraded the quality of their 3G networks to encourage consumers to adopt 4G packages, which are at least EUR10 (USD13.5) more expensive than the 3G services on offer.

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