Trio of regulators unite sectors to combat infrastructure theft and vandalism

12 Dec 2013

The Office of Electronic Communications (UKE), Energy Regulatory Office (URE) and the Office of Rail Transport (UTK) have signed a memorandum on the prevention of theft and vandalism of infrastructure, establishing a new foundation dubbed ‘Stalwart: Infrastructure Protection’ (Niezlomni: Ochrona Infrastruktury) to raise awareness and to increase the involvement of local government, public institutions and law enforcement authorities in combating the theft or damaging of infrastructure. The UKE revealed in a press release that in the first six months of 2013, the three regulatory bodies had reported 6,172 cases of infrastructure being damaged or stolen, the majority (4,050 cases) affecting telecommunications systems, costing a total of PLN28.35 million (USD9.33 million) in repairs. The foundation consists of stakeholders in the railway, energy and telecommunications sectors, the last of which featured representatives from: Netia, the National Chamber of Ethernet Communication (KIKE) and Orange Poland (Telekomunikacja Polska, TP).