APEK reports triple-play, FTTH wholesale growth

11 Dec 2013

Slovenian telecoms regulator APEK has reported national broadband statistics for the third quarter of 2013. APEK’s graph for September 2013 showed that standalone fixed broadband subscribers declined slightly in the third quarter, reaching a total of approximately 75,000; double-play package subscribers (including any add-on service) also fell marginally, to roughly 124,000; triple-play (broadband, TV and telephony) subscribers increased steadily to stand at around 285,000; and quadruple-play (packages including a mobile service) subscribers rose slightly to about 40,000. The country’s total fixed broadband subscriber base crept up to around 524,000, up by less than 2,000 quarter-on-quarter and by around 10,000 year-on-year, TeleGeography calculated.

The regulator also reported on the number of xDSL connections by alternative operators on the network of incumbent Telekom Slovenije, including: full local loop unbundling (LLU) which reached 60,000 at 30 September 2013 (virtually unchanged in the quarter); shared LLU access 9,000 (a slight decrease); and bitstream 26,000 (a slight increase). The combined figure for xDSL unbundled access (including full LLU and shared) stood at 69,000 (a slight decrease quarter-on-quarter, and down by around 3,500 year-on-year). However, APEK also reported that the number of unbundled fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) connections (over the access networks of Telekom Slovenije and other optical network providers) is growing, reaching roughly 13,900 at end-September 2013. FTTH bitstream connections stood at around 3,750 at the same date.

Telekom Slovenije previously reported its own Q3 2013 retail broadband total (xDSL and fibre combined) of 204,100, down by 2,200 year-on-year, giving it a 38.9% market share in terms of retail broadband connections.