Bulgaria against a single EU telecoms market

6 Dec 2013

Bulgaria’s Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communication (MTITC) has expressed its opposition to the establishment of a single telecoms market with common rules for all European Union (EU) member states, due to the different levels of preparedness of the countries and the extra expenses which the measure will require. Local news agency Novinite reports that during a conference in Brussels, IT minister Danail Papazov pointed out that Bulgaria had detected a discrepancy between one of the stipulated goals – to build a single telecoms network – and the time frame for its implementation. The minister also said that the integration of the telecoms market within short deadlines would not be possible, unless fragmentation between different EU states, and indeed at the national level, was overcome. Papazov also said: ‘The development of common rules will lead to a substantial change to the existing regimes, which will undoubtedly incur additional expenses.’ The Bulgarian stance on the proposal for changes to the EU Regulation was presented at a meeting of the Council of the EU and received approval.