Conatel launches 4G auction in the AWS, 2600MHz bands

5 Dec 2013

Venezuela’s National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) on 2 December 2013 launched a 4G mobile licence tender offer for two paired 2×10MHz blocks of frequencies in the 1710MHz-2170MHz (AWS) band and four paired spectrum blocks in the 2500MHz-2690MHz band (two 2×10MHz and two 2×20MHz), all with nationwide coverage.

The licences up for grabs are:

-2×10MHz Block ‘G-G’ (AWS) – 2130MHz-2140MHz paired with 1730MHz-1740MHz;

-2×10MHz Block ‘H-H’ (AWS) – 2145MHz-2155MHz paired with 1745MHz-1755MHz;

-2×20MHz Block ‘A-A’ (2600MHz) – 2620MHz-2640MHz paired with 2500MHz-2520MHz;

-2×10MHz Block ‘B-B’ (2600MHz) – 2640MHz-2650MHz paired with 2520MHz-2530MHz;

-2×10MHz Block ‘C-C’ (2600MHz) – 2650MHz-2660MHz paired with 2530MHz-2540MHz;

-2×20MHz Block ‘D-D’ (2600MHz) – 2660MHz-2680MHz paired with 2540MHz-2560MHz.

The fixed base price for AWS frequencies is set at VEF1.9 million (USD302,000) per MHz for each award year, according to the regulator’s tender document. For 2600MHz band blocks A-A and B-B, the base price is fixed at VEF900,000 per MHz per award year, while for blocks C-C and D-D the floor rate was set at VEF720,000. Would-be bidders must apply by 30 December 2013.