Ifetel to examine interconnection policy early next year

3 Dec 2013

Mexico’s new telecoms watchdog the Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (Ifetel) is planning to review interconnection rate policy in the first quarter of 2013, BNamericas reports. With the regulator, which was created earlier this year as part of legislation designed to enhance competition in the Mexican telecoms sector, said to be aware of how the matter is handled in other countries, it noted in a statement: ‘The European Community has favoured pure incremental cost models, while other organisations have debated other diverse types of looking at interconnection such as calling party pays, agreements such as bill-and-keep and charges based on quality of service and widespread billing.’ Meanwhile, Ifetel have also reportedly approved the variables that will be used to determine a cost model for use in those instances when there are interconnection disputes between companies. Such variables will be tested by applying them to a hypothetical operator with a 33% market share, it is understood, with the cost model valid from January 2012 to end-December 2014.