Vee, VMAX to up WiMAX coverage to 70% of population in respective service areas

27 Nov 2013

Taiwanese WiMAX operators Vee Telecom and VMAX Telecom are said to be expanding their respective wireless broadband networks, according to DigiTimes. Vee Telecom, which acquired a WiMAX operating licence for the southern region of the country in July 2007, is looking to achieve a 70% coverage level in its service area. A similar coverage target has been set for VMAX, in which Vee has held a majority stake since early 2012. Meanwhile, Vee has also indicated that Tatung InfoComm, another of the country’s WiMAX operators and wholly-owned subsidiary of Vee since March 2012, has already achieved the 70% coverage level in the southern part of the country required by its concession.

Combined, Vee, Tatung InfoComm and VMAX have reportedly constructed more than 2,000 WiMAX base stations across Taiwan, with approximately 50% of those said to be upgradeable to WiMAX 2.1, which features harmonisation with LTE-Advanced and is compatible with Time Division LTE (TD-LTE) services, via a software upgrade. With a view to Vee and VMAX achieving their respective coverage targets, it is understood that the duo will deploy some 500 base stations combined before the end of this year. Once the target coverage levels have been reached it is understood that Vee, VMAX and Tatung InfoComm will all apply to the local telecoms regulator the National Communications Commission (NCC) for permission to upgrade to WiMAX 2.1, paving the way for a shift to TD-LTE.

Taiwan, Tatung InfoComm, VeeTIME (Taichung Digital Cable), VMAX Telecom