UPC Slovakia expands digital triple-play coverage

27 Nov 2013

UPC Slovakia has extended its digital triple-play cable services to the city of Stara L’ubovna, the 29th location in which customers are offered its full digital service range, which includes over 150 TV channels, 20 of which are in HD; high speed internet access of up to 150Mbps; and telephony, Broadband TV News reports. Subscribers can save up to 50% by taking triple-play rather than a standalone package. Subscribers to triple-play are also being offered analogue cable TV connected to all TV sets in their homes. UPC provides services in a total of 42 cities in Slovakia.

UPC faces keen broadband competition from the likes of Orange Slovakia, which last week increased the maximum connection speed of its ‘FiberNet’ internet service to 250Mbps, from the previous limit of 100Mbps.

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