China Mobile, Huawei and SKT demonstrate international VoLTE

27 Nov 2013

China Mobile, with assistance from Huawei, has completed a successful demonstration of international high definition (HD) voice and video calls between its trial voice-over-Long Term Evolution (VoLTE) platforms in Chengdu and Hangzhou with that of South Korea Telecom (SKT). In its press release, the vendor claimed that the demonstration was the first international VoLTE call between a Time Division Duplex LTE (TDD-LTE) network and a Frequency Division Duplex LTE (FDD-LTE) system.

Speaking at the demonstration, China Mobile’s VP Li Zhengmao explained: ‘China Mobile attaches great importance to VoLTE development. In June of this year, China Mobile’s President Li Yue released a VoLTE white paper and made it clear that China Mobile will achieve VoLTE commercialization by the end of 2014. This VoLTE voice and video interaction has great strategic significance and will help further promote support of the VoLTE solution in the global LTE industry.’

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