Mobistar offers free access to LTE network ahead of commercial launch next year

26 Nov 2013

Mobistar, Belgium’s second largest cellco by subscribers, has opened access to its 4G network in 30 cities and towns across the country, with all of its existing customers on a tariff including mobile data (its ‘Dolphin’ or ‘Panther’ plans) or those on its ‘Internet Everywhere’ plan initially able to access the faster speeds for free. Those subscribers with a compatible device – either a smartphone or a tablet – will reportedly receive an additional 4G data allowance on top of their existing usage caps in order to allow them to try out the LTE network. Customers looking to take advantage of the offer will be required to register to receive the ‘4G Discovery’ benefits, with those on Panther and Internet Everywhere plans given 5GB of 4G data usage per month, while Dolphin plan users will benefit from an extra 1GB per month for data transmitted over the LTE network. During the network test phase, customers will be able to monitor their 4G usage via their Customer zone and the MyMobistar app, and once the LTE data allowance has been used up they will automatically revert to accessing mobile broadband services via Mobistar’s 3G/3.5G network.

A full commercial launch, meanwhile, is expected in early 2014, with Mobistar having set out its stall to add ‘at least 40 cities and towns’ to its 4G network footprint by the date, while the cellco has said it aims to offer the same 4G coverage as its current 2G coverage by 2015. The operator claims to have made it a priority to offer ‘an optimum 4G customer experience and good indoor and deep indoor coverage’.

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