KT aims to complete nationwide LTE-A rollout by end-2013

26 Nov 2013

South Korea’s KT Corp has made significant progress in expanding the coverage of its LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) network, the Korea Times reports. ‘KT will offer LTE-A service to leading cities in their metropolitan areas. Our service is also fully available in subway lines linking to Seoul and in regional cities’, the operator’s network division head Oh Sung-mok was cited as saying. Further, the executive confirmed that KT expects to complete the rollout of its LTE-A infrastructure to a total of 85 cities nationwide by the end of next month, adding: ‘We will fully use 1800MHz frequency for the LTE-A service and we are working to build an additional LTE-A network by using 900MHz, separately.’

With both the rollout of its 4G networks now well advanced, and with the uptake of services of such infrastructure having continued apace – at end-September 2013 the cellco reported a total of 6.824 million 4G customers, more than double the 2.844 million it had a year earlier – KT is now said to be considering a timeframe for discontinuing 3G services. As such, it is understood that KT is mulling the possibility of closing down its third-generation network by 2020, though Oh noted: ‘No imminent service cut is expected because we have many customers using the 3G network.’

South Korea, KT Corp