CRa in hunt for mobile operators’ network infrastructure, paper says

26 Nov 2013

Broadband TV News, citing a report in E15, claims that Czech national transmission company Ceske Radiokomunikace (CRa) is teeing up a bid to buy the infrastructure of domestic mobile network operators Telefonica O2 CR, T-Mobile Czech Republic and Vodafone Czech Republic. The paper quotes the transmission firm’s chief executive office Michal Cupa as saying that a deal has already been tabled for the infrastructure and that talks between the parties involved began ‘a few months ago’, but were put on the back-burner pending the outcome of the country’s auction of Long Term Evolution (LTE) frequencies.

If a deal is struck, it could theoretically eclipse the recent sale of a 65.9% stake in Czech incumbent Telefonica O2 CR to PPF Group for around EUR2.467 billion (USD3.404 billion), with EUR2.063 billion in cash payable upon completion of the transaction and a deferred payment of EUR404 million over a period of four years.