Algerie Telecom to increase ADSL speeds; national telecoms infrastructure upgraded

26 Nov 2013

Azouaou Mehmel, CEO of the country’s incumbent wireline operator Algerie Telecom (AT), has announced that the company plans to increase the download speeds of its existing broadband services by the end of 2013. According to Agence Ecofin, the telco is looking to upgrade its network in order to compete more effectively with domestic cellcos following next month’s launch of 3G services in the country. Further, AT is replacing its copper infrastructure with a fibre-optic network in order to ‘minimise disruption and inconvenience caused by cable theft, while improving service quality.’

Meanwhile, the International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU’s) Arab Regional Office representative Salah Eddine Maarfi stated that the country ‘has made a qualitative and quantitative leap in the [field of] information and communication technology (ICT)’, after the government had initiated the deployment and modernisation of its national telecoms network, now consisting of ‘62,000km of fibre-optic backbone and almost 45,000km of digital microwave’.

Algeria, Algerie Telecom (AT)