AIS and TOT working on 4G partnership details

26 Nov 2013

Thai newspaper The Nation reports that the 3G arm of cellco Advanced Info Service (AIS) – Advanced Wireless Network (AWN) – has proposed installing 3G and 4G networks for state-owned telco TOT alongside a potential collaboration on a wholesale-resale basis utilising the planned networks. TOT’s president Yongyuth Wattanasin was quoted as disclosing the ongoing talks between the two companies, although he declined to elaborate on details, while AIS’s CEO Wichian Mektrakarn, was cited as confirming that AWN had presented the proposals to TOT, although also declined to provide further details. TOT plans to deploy 17,000 base station sites in the second phase of its 2100MHz mobile network rollout, with 4,000 of these sites expected to offer 4G, but the details of the rollout and the extent of potential partnerships are undecided. Another TOT source said AWN had proposed various partnership options, including building out the 3G and 4G networks nationwide for TOT, which in turn would wholesale 80% of the networks’ bandwidth capacity to AWN (while using the other 20% for its own retail services and/or additional mobile virtual network operators [MVNOs]), while another option is for AWN to construct 3G/4G networks only in some main cities for TOT. The same source said AWN and TOT are negotiating on the revenue-sharing model for the potential network rollout/operating arrangement.

Thailand, Advanced Info Service (AIS), TOT