NetMaks close to investment deal

22 Nov 2013

On 15 November 2013 Polish WiMAX broadband operator Milmex (NetMaks) announced that it was nearing completion of negotiations with the Israeli-backed fund investor Cameron Private Investment on the basis of objectives and obligations set out in a Letter of Intent (LoI) the previous month. The planned strategic investment partnership involves a recapitalisation of the company and a cooperative telecoms/IT venture with aims including the acquisition of nationwide frequencies in the 800MHz, 2600MHz and 3400MHz-3800MHz bands for the purposes of providing LTE-based mobile broadband and telemetry services. The details of short-term financing to be launched in 4Q13 were set out alongside the announcement. Up until now NetMaks has funded its wireless broadband network rollouts in southern Poland with EU grants for regional broadband projects to reduce the digital divide.

Poland, Milmex (NetMaks)