Google’s Project Link launches fibre network in Kampala

22 Nov 2013

US firm Google has announced the launch of a fibre-optic network in Kampala as part of its Project Link scheme, which intends to enable the provision of more reliable internet connections in poorly served areas. Google’s fibre network is available on a wholesale basis only, with capacity available to internet service providers (ISPs) and mobile network operators only. Google’s metropolitan network connects to existing long-distance fibre links, which it claims will provide the foundation for growth in the city and the region as a whole. Commenting on the project, Google Access Field Director Kai Wulff noted that a key part of the Project Link programme was strengthening the internet ‘supply chain’ in Africa: ‘Some parts of the chain are already strong: undersea cables are bringing data to Africa’s shores and mobile providers are expanding services across the continent. We’ve now built quality infrastructure in between these points to deliver the speed and capacity that supports the latest and greatest of the web.’ Explaining its reasoning for selecting Kampala as the first city to be served by the programme, Google claimed that ‘Kamapala’s current networks… are unable to keep up with the city’s demands. Before now, there was no existing groundwork open to all providers to move the city forward. Building a new infrastructure brings people closer to high quality access.’

Uganda, Google (Alphabet)