MNP delayed to July 2014

18 Nov 2013

Ukrainian telecoms regulator the NCCIR says that the launch of mobile number portability (MNP) will be delayed until 1 July 2014, as the service is nowhere near ready to be introduced on schedule next month. As reported by BizLiga, the regulator confirmed that there is currently no working centralised database (CDB) for telephone numbers, nor a final draft of instructions for its use, and indeed the software needed for communication between network operators and the CDB administrator. A new timetable was drawn up at a meeting of the MNP working group, stipulating that the instructions for using the CDB should be approved by 30 January 2014, followed by the signing of the agreement between operators and the CDB administrator by 15 February. As such, the test-mode launch of number porting should follow by 30 May at the latest (with 30 April suggested). The launch of MNP for consumers should take place on 1 July 2014.