PCCW launching VoLTE by year-end

13 Nov 2013

Hong Kong’s PCCW (HKT) has announced that it will launch voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) services by the end of this year, which it claims will score it a commercial first in the Special Administrative Region (SAR). The disclosure came after PCCW and China’s Huawei Technologies completed a VoLTE trial, having deployed and integrated an end-to-end VoLTE solution on PCCW’s 4G mobile network, which in turn followed the earlier launch of IMS core infrastructure, enabling PCCW to migrate user traffic from circuit-switched voice and messaging services to a converged all-IP (including VoLTE) platform. A statement from the operator said that the launch of VoLTE will mean improved services for end-users, including HD voice, integrated multimedia/voice communications and faster call setup.