Datora Telecom poised to receive BRL39m BNDES investment

12 Nov 2013

Brazil’s Datora Telecom, a specialist in the country’s mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) and machine-to-machine (M2M) segments, is set to receive an investment of BRL39 million (USD16.9 million) from the economic development bank BNDES, according to local press reports. The deal, which is being conducted via BNDESPar and is subject to scrutiny from national watchdog Anatel, will give the bank a stake of 19.9%. The change in shareholding will also facilitate an initial public offering (IPO), reports say. Datora Telecom has an agreement with the insurer Porto Seguro and, more recently, with Britain’s Vodafone Group.

Brazil, Datora Mobile Telecomunicacoes (ARQIA)